Welcome DCCC Distance Learning Instructors and Staff!

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate communication within the distance learning community at DCCC.  It is my hope that this site will become a collaboration of ideas and a vital tool to disseminate information among distance instructors and staff.  I will be making posts concerning critical DL (distance learning) materials and/or policies.  The person managing this blog site is Dori Stanfield, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning.  Please contact me at dLstanfi@davidsonccc.edu.
“The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed on this site are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of Davidson County Community College.  The content of this site may not have been reviewed or approved by DCCC, and the author is solely responsible for its content.  DCCC does not independently verify, nor does it exert editorial control over the information on pages outside of the www.davidsonccc.edu domain.”
Feel free to post your comments below any post.  In order to comment, you will need to click on “Leave a Comment.”  I welcome any feedback or suggestions!
Also, notice that there are two tabs called Blackboard Resources and Echo360 Room located above.  This is just the first of many tabs I will be creating.  The first tab is a compilation of all the Blackboard resources you have available to you as DCCC instructors and staff.  The second is a description of the new lecture capture room we have at DCCC and how you can use it.

One response to “Welcome DCCC Distance Learning Instructors and Staff!

  1. Good Morning: I am Jane Steele,MA and currently work as a Career Assistant with the Joblink Career Services within the Employment Security Commission Office here in Davie County. and I am alsoa trained History/Social Science Instructor with several graduate hours of training in Educational/Distance technology courses ffrom East Carolina University. I would like to team up with a histoory/humanities/education insructor who is teaching online courses an is willing to allow me to come onboard as an assistant/team teacher. I would like the experience and it will look good on my resume. Thanks so much

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