Monthly Archives: February 2011

Never Need a Flash Drive Again!

If you are finding yourself emailing documents to yourself from work so you can continue working on a document at home, then you must start using dropbox.  To see a quick video on how this works, click here.  I recently created a dropbox account and now save all my documents there.  I then downloaded dropbox on both my home and work computer.  I always know that I can get access to my documents, without having to carry around a flash drive.  And if I find myself on another computer and need to get to a document, I just sign in to my dropbox account and get my file.  I also downloaded dropbox on my Droid smart phone and it works beautifully.  Not only can you save files on dropbox, but you can also share them, too.  Check out this link to see all of dropbox’s features.  Now there are limitations as to how much you get in your free account.  You get 2 GB of space without paying and it goes up from there.  If you have an account, I’d be curious to hear in what ways you find this most useful.