Free Web Conferencing Room

Elluminate is one of the many web conferencing softwares out there.  DCCC has purchased two virtual rooms that hold up to 50 users.  Participants can communicate through chat boxes or voice using a microphone (some computers have an internal mic) and speakers or headset.  One of those rooms have been used in one of our first ever Faculty Innovations with Technology Projects, involving online tutoring in Basic Skills.  Melanie Knier headed up that project and it was so successful we are now implementing this for curriculum courses.  Right now we are providing online tutoring for online, modular, and Davie developmental math courses.  The second room is available for use by faculty and/or staff in whatever creative ways they would like to explore.  The purchased room allows for a larger audience and recording capabilities. 

Good news!  There is also a free virtual room that Elluminate offers called a vRoom.  The only limitations for this room are capacity, which stands at 3 users at one time, and no recording.  This room can faciliate tutoring, supplemental instruction, orientation sessions, presentations, meetings, collaboration sessions, online office hours, etc.  And anyone can register and have their very own vRoom to schedule and manage.  Below is a screen shot of the room.  Click here to see more about how to get a vRoom of your own.  And contact Dori Stanfield, if you are interested in training for Elluminate or want to use the 50 person room.  If you are already using Elluminate, please share.  I’d love to know how you are using it and what your experience has been.  Feel free to leave me a comment.


Screenshot of the free vRoom from Elluminate.

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