Groups in MoodleRooms

Groups are a great way to manage subsets of students within one MoodleRooms course.  Instructors can create one forum (the Blackboard equivalent would be a discussion board) that has groups of students that are discussing different things.  The groups feature allows for instructors to decide to what degree the groups interact with other groups.  This can be done by switching between two options:  separate and visible.

Separate means that groups do not even see the other groups posts within the forum.  Therefore, the groups are working completely separate from each other.  Visible means that groups can see the posts of another group.  However, they cannot reply to a thread initiated by another group member.  This option would be particularly helpful when it is beneficial to students to see what other groups are discussing.

The groups feature also allows for the instructor to be able to filter their view in the gradebook by groups.  This could be helpful if multiple sections of a course are housed in one MoodleRooms shell.  Instructors can just look at Section WA’s students and then switch to SectionWB’s students, for example.  See below.Groups allow filtering in Gradebook view

There is one best practice that should be highlighted if you are going to use the option separate group.  If an instructor generally likes to start off a forum by posting the first thread and then have the students reply directly to that thread, they need to make an initial post for each group. This must be done in order for each group to be able to interact with the initial post. The details of how to do this are listed in the second help document linked below.

For more information regarding groups, check out these two help documents posted on our website:  help doc one and help doc two.  More Moodle resources are to come.

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