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Respondus 4.0 Test Authoring Tool

In our Tests/Quizzes training session for Moodle, we are showing our faculty how to use Respondus 4.0.  This is not to be confused with Respondus Lockdown Browser, which provides a more secure online testing environment.  Respondus 4.0 can do many things for us when it comes to testing.  For instance, you can create tests from scratch, import tests from publisher content, import tests that are word documents, publish your test to one or more Moodle courses, pull a test from Blackboard and move it into Moodle, or take an online test in Moodle and print it out for your face to face course.

While there are several different ways to do all of the things listed above, we are finding that Respondus 4.0 is our one stop shop for testing.  Here are some helpful videos from to showcase what it can do:

Creating and Formatting Questions

Publishing Tests to Moodle

Requesting Publisher’s Test Banks
*If you don’t see the Test Bank Network button, be sure to update your Respondus.  To do this, click on Help and then Check for Updates.

Importing Questions to Respondus 4.0

Using the Exam Wizard

Search for Publisher Test Banks

DCCC instructors can download this software on their school or home computer.  Simply log in to the Intranet.  Then click on the Distance Learning link on the left hand side.  Then scroll down looking for Respondus 4.0.  Finally, scroll down one more time and click on Download under Respondus 4.0.  This word document contains the link to download the software as well as the installation password you will need to activate the software.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions: