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Stipend Opportunity for DCCC Faculty and Staff

I am excited to announce that The Faculty and Staff Innovations with Technology Program is back!  The program’s intent is to create an atmosphere that encourages teaching and service innovations with technology that positively affect student learning and service.

Please read the request for proposal form(RFP).  Note:  There have been some updates to the program since our last round of projects.  Submissions from both faculty and staff members of DCCC are now accepted.


-$2,500 individual stipend available or up to $5,000 stipend for collaborative projects
-Projects to be conducted in Spring 2012
-Proposals due by Jan 3rd
**Please complete the document titled “Submission Form” and return to Dori Stanfield at by 5pm, Jan 3, 2012.

Course Total Not Showing for Students

There is a default setting for your MoodleRooms gradebook that might keep students from seeing their course total.  The course total could represent a student’s average at any point in the semester or it could represent the total points they have earned in the semester.  It depends on the grading scheme you have set up in your gradebook.  Either way, if you have hidden items in the gradebook, then you will need to change this default setting.  To do that:

Go to your Grades link in the Administration Block
Go to your Settings tab across the top
Scroll down to the User Report
Find the Hide totals setting and switch it to “Show totals excluding hidden items”
Be sure to scroll down and click Save.

You can always check to see what your students’ view looks like for their grades by going back to your Grades link in the administration block.  Within the View tab click on the Grader Report.  Notice the green and red checker box that is next to each student’s name.  This icon allows you to view the grades of that particular student.





Once you get to the user report for a particular student, you can navigate to other student’s grades by using the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner.

If you have other helpful gradebook tips, don’t keep it to yourself—leave us a comment!

Q and A Forum

This discussion forum type is probably the most exciting type of forum available in Moodle.  Instructors often complain that when students are prompted to put their individual thoughts within a forum, they will read other students’ posts and use that to formulate their own responses.  As a result, their thoughts are not really their own but a conglomeration of others.  The Q and A forum, if set up appropriately, restricts students from viewing other students posts until they post themselves.  The part instructors must understand is that they must set up the forum in a certain way and communicate to students how they should be posting.  Otherwise, it will not work as described above.

First things first, instructors normally put the “Question” they have for their students in the forum introduction area.  For the Q and A forum, it is important to save the Question text for the Instructor’s Post.

In fact, the button that allows you to start a new thread no longer says “Add a new Discussion Topic” in this forum.  It now says “Add a new question.”  Remember, this is a Q and A forum.  The instructor adds the Questions and the student adds the Answer.  When the students enter the forum, they should read the instructor’s post (the Question) and then reply to it (the Answer).

If a student does not follow these directions to reply to your post but actually starts their own thread themselves, then everyone can see this post.  It is only replies to an original post that are not viewable until someone has replied themselves.

If you prefer to have students start their own thread for their individual answers, then the Q and A forum is not for you.  The Each person posts one discussion forum type would be your best bet.