Recorded Webinar Viewing Schedule

DCCC’s Distance Learning Team will be showing various recorded webinars throughout the semester.  Please consider coming to any of the following.

Student Engagement and Web 2.0 in Blended Learning
Summary – Dr. Norm Vaughan shares his views on how to successfully incorporate Web tools, create an environment to empower students for future learning using a blending format, and more. If you enjoy integrating wikis, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook and other sources, this webinar is for you. Run time – 90 mins

Jan 18  Love 108   2-3:30 pm
Jan 19  Reich 100  2-3:30 pm
Jan 20  Gee 187    9-10:30 am and
Gee 143    1-2:30 pm

Online Strategies for Assessment Design
Summary – Both Dr. Patricia McGee from the University of Texas and Dr. Veronica Diaz from EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative will be discussing the differences between assessment and evaluation, the true purpose of the assessment, layered approach to assessments, and more. Run time – 120 mins

Feb 15 Love 108    2-4 pm
Feb 16 Reich 100   2-4 pm
Feb 17 Gee 187     9-11 am and
Gee 143     1-3 pm

Strategies to Help Design Your Online Course
Summary – The following will be covered:
•    Focusing on goals and objectives for online course design
•    How to create a user friendly flow in your course
•    Concept based versus topic based courses
Run time – 90 mins

Mar 21 & 22  Finch 124  3:30 – 5pm
Mar 23 Gee 149  1 – 2:30 pm

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