A Closer Look at the Advanced Forum

Moodle has several different forum types within the Forum activity.  One of the extra features that MoodleRooms offers is a special forum activity called an Advanced Forum.  This activity has all the benefits of a regular forum with some added extra’s that you just might find essential.

First of all, probably the biggest advantage of the advanced forum is the ability to filter your view of posts.  If you require your students to answer your question prompt and then also require them to reply to three other students’ posts, then it would be very helpful to see all the posts one user makes at one time.  The advanced forum allows you to do this.  You can see this by going to the “View Posters” link in the upper right hand corner within this forum.  Here this view offers a summary of each users activity within the forum.  The number under total posts is a live link that will take you to all the posts that user made.

View Posters

The advanced forum also allows for easier grading.  In my opinion, the best way to set up the advanced forum is to set the grade type to “Manual.”  This will then allow you to turn the editing on within the “View Forum Grades” link that shows up in the upper right hand corner of this particular type of forum.  From that screen you can grade your student’s work.

View Forum Grades

Keep in mind that within the generic Moodle forum activity, instructors are able to select between different types of forums:  standard forum for general use, single simple discussion, each person posts one discussion, Q and A forum.  You’ll be happy to know that all of these forums are available within the advanced forum activity.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change a regular forum to an advanced forum.  You’ll need to delete it and remake it.  Be sure and select advanced forum from the top of the drop down menu list as opposed to the regular forum.

And finally, don’t forget that to force subscription on any forum means that all users in the course will receive emails of every post in that forum.

Now that you know what an Advanced forum can do for you, you may never have a need for a regular forum again!

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