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Copying and Pasting into Moodle

A warning about copying and pasting into Moodle:

I am certainly a fan of not recreating the wheel, as they say, and working more efficiently when you can.  However, when you are copying and pasting something into Moodle, there are a few things to be aware of.

When you highlight text and choose to copy, often times you are copying more than the eye can see.  Copying and pasting can carry over some unwanted coding that can have the potential to cause havoc in Moodle.

If you copy and paste text from a website, then you should always paste this text into a Notepad file to strip the text of any additional HTML coding it might have.  Keep in mind that to the naked eye, it may appear to be doing absolutely nothing. However, it is getting rid of problematic stuff.  Then, highlight and copy the text from Notepad and paste it into Moodle and format it from there.

If you are copying and pasting text from one Moodle resource/activity to another, it is important to copy from the edit page (see the image below).

Do Not Copy From Here

Do Not Copy From Here

Do Copy From Here

Do Copy From Here

If you copy and paste text from a Word document, you can use the clean word HTML option within the WYSIWYG editor (see the image below).  Simply highlight your text and click on the clean word HTML icon to get rid of the extra HTML coding.

Clean Word HTML

Clean Word HTML icon

You should NEVER copy and paste an image into Moodle.  The result will be that the image appears to be properly loaded when in fact, it will only show up for you and no other user.  All images must be saved as an image file and then uploaded using the Insert Image icon within the WYSIWYG editor.  For additional help with uploading images, see the following help document link.

Finally, if you happen to forget about these helpful hints, you could find yourself with a topic summary, label, or webpage that is seemingly “locked” because you can’t click on the edit icon.  To undo this, I have found the following clickable helpful from MoodleRooms.

If you have run across any issues similar to this, please share through a comment.  Thanks!