Removing Unused Topics/Weeks

After working in Moodle now for several semesters, there is this one thing I see over and over again with instructors that leads me to believe they either don’t know they can change this or they don’t know how.

Your course design is either based on Topics or Weeks.  Each course may need a different number of topics or weeks.  When a new course is generated at DCCC, we automatically generate 16 weeks for a normal 16 week semester.  This, however, is not something that is set in stone.  It is our hope that an instructor would map out their own course design and then choose the appropriate number of topics or weeks that they need.  However, what we see is that instructors start populating the topics or weeks and just leave the ones they don’t use out there.

One may ask why this is problematic?  I think this can be confusing to the students.  If I saw several empty weeks in my moodle course, I might start to wonder if there will be additional content or work that my instructor has not yet posted.  I also think that it takes away from the consistency of the design of your course.  If you aren’t using it, it’s not serving a purpose and needs to be removed.

So, how do we fix this?  Good news:  it is a fairly simple process!  Here is an example of a course that has extra unused Topics.

Example of Extra Topics

Example of Extra Topics

To change the display of the number of topics, you simply need to access the Settings link within your Administration block.  Once you are there, find the option that says Number of Weeks/Topics.  Choose the appropriate number from the drop down menu.  Save your work and all is fixed!

Adjusting Number of Weeks or Topics

Adjusting Number of Weeks or Topics

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