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Not Including Dropped Students in Course Emails

Several instructors have asked me how to email their class but not include inactive students.  The inactive student role was one that DCCC created by copying the student role but changing a few settings so that students cannot access the course and they are not seen in the gradebook.  This role is what instructors should change their students to when they drop a course.  There are two ways that you can email your whole class, through the Course Announcements forum (we have renamed our News forum) and the QuickMail block (part of our school’s template).

The Course Announcements forum can be used as a way to send mass emails.  However, it all depends on the subscription setting on the forum.  If you have forced your students to be subscribed, then all active students (not inactive) and instructors in the course will receive an email of the forum post.  If you have not forced your students to subscribe and you would like to, you just need to update your forum.

Course Announcements Forum

Update a forum to force subscription

The QuickMail block can also be used to email the whole class.  There is a trick to making sure that you do not include the students who have been changed to the inactive student role because they do appear in the list of users in your course within the QuickMail block.  After you click on Compose an email within the block, you will be taken to a screen to create your email.  Click on the Students Only option under Role Filter.  Then, if you do not have any groups, click on the Not in a Section option under Potential Section.  This should highlight all active students in the course.  You can then click on the Add button to send them to the Recipients list (see pictured below).

QuickMail Block

Emailing all students except inactive students

If you are using Groups, then you will follow the same steps as above but when you get to the Potential Section area, you’ll want to hold down your Control button as you select all the groups that you would like to send the message to (see pictured below).


Emailing all students except inactive ones when you use groups

Click on the following link for a help document on how to execute the steps described above.