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End of Semester Moodle Course Tips

Online Testing for Final Exams
DCCC’s Moodle is set to time-out a user when there has been 4 hours of inactivity.  When creating your final exam, it is good practice to have Moodle display your test with a few questions per page, as opposed to unlimited questions.  This is good for two reasons:  One, when the student navigates to the next page, the page is refreshed and the computer counts that as activity.  Second, navigating to the next page also forces the computer to save the student’s work up until that point.  This can be beneficial if there are technical issues.  It increases the likelihood that the student’s work will be saved.

Exporting Your Gradebook
When closing out a course for a semester, there are some data that every instructor should be pulling from Moodle.  After your gradebook is complete, it is good practice for an instructor to export it for record keeping.  To do this, navigate to your Grades link and click on the Export tab.  For a more detailed look at how to do this, click on the following link titled: help document.

Saving Online Entry Assignment Data
Distance courses were required to include an online entry assignment to denote when the student “Entered” the course.  As an instructor, it is a best practice to keep the Moodle record that shows when the student submitted the designated assignment.  For a detailed look at how to do this, click on the following link titled:  help document.

Help with Moodle Gradebook
Now that the semester is coming to a close, the attention of faculty and students is focused on the gradebook.  You’ll want to make sure your Moodle gradebook is setup appropriately.  To see some examples of how to set up your gradebook, click on the following link titled:  help document.