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What’s New in Moodle 2 – Time Savers

Time is precious for everyone.  And when you can save a bit of it here or there, that’s a good thing!  I have found a couple of Moodle 2 features that will be time savers for our faculty and I share them in this linked video.

DCCC faculty:  Please remember that we will be moving from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.3 starting in Fall 2013.  In preparation for the move, I am offering training starting March 18th.  I have divided the training up into two days.

Day One:  New Course Interface and Course Files Structure
Day Two:  New Quiz and Assignment Features plus Joule Grader

To sign up for training, please fill out the web form at

What’s New in Moodle 2 – Quiz Features

DCCC’s move to Moodle 2.3 in Fall 2013 will allow us to take advantage of some new features in the Quiz activity.  This post highlights one of those features.  Instructors at DCCC have students with accommodation plans that might allow the student to have different time constraints on a test.  Or, perhaps you are combining multiple sections of a course into one Moodle shell and need for the test to have different available dates for each section.  This was not easily achieved in earlier versions of Moodle.  Now, in Moodle 2.3, instructors can use the user overrides or group overrides option to create new settings on a test for either one individual or a subset of students.  The following video illustrates this.