Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 Room
DCCC has a lecture capture room; it is on the Davidson Campus in the Gee building, Room N215 (previously 214).  This room is about the size of an office and it is equipped with the technology instructors have grown to expect at DCCC:  a SMART sympodium and an ELMO document camera.  Instructors can schedule and record a lecture, demonstration, or welcome message.  The recording is stored on a dedicated server and then the video is immediately linked to a Moodle course of your choice.  The link is just a URL and can be shared with users not only through Moodle but through email or a website.  You can watch an example recording and learn more about the capability of the room by clicking on this link: Echo 360 Intro Video.  When prompted, choose high speed.

There are various ways instructors can use the available capabilities of the Echo room.  It is possible to provide lecture material for days when instructors are gone to a conference.  Program coordinators are beginning to explore ways this can support an online orientation.  Some instructors also use this to create a presence in their online courses.  What are your thoughts as to how the Echo room can be used?  Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas.

To use the Echo360 room:
1.  Contact Suzanne Edmonds (336-249-8186 ext.6447 or to schedule a quick orientation session.
2.  Then, you are free to schedule times to record whenever the room is available.  The link to schedule a time for the Echo room is:

You can see the availability of the room on the calendar below.

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  1. Your sample video is great : )

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