Moodle Resources

This is a collection of Moodle Resources for instructors.  I will be adding to this page as new resources are created.

How do you request your Moodle courses at DCCC?  Click on the links below.
For curriculum courses:
For continuing ed courses:

Looking for a manual?
Here’s a free ebook we’ve found.


Moodle Gradebook (Examples of how to set up your Moodle Gradebook)

Gradebook Basics (Learn how to set up your gradebook with using either the “Total Points” system or a “Weighted Average” system.

Gradebook Video Playlist
*D.I. von Briesen was nice enough to create several gradebook youtube videos.

Creating different assignments. (Learn the basics regarding assignment types and how to create them.)
Turnitin Assignment (Learn how to use a plagiarism tool to check student submissions.)

Test Management
Creating Quizzes (Learn about how to create quizzes in MoodleRooms but also how to use Respondus 4.0 Test Authoring Tool to easily create and import quizzes into MoodleRooms.  This product will also allow you to bring tests from 3rd party products as well as Blackboard into MoodleRooms.)

Demo Videos for Respondus 4.0
*Contact Dori Stanfield at for info on downloading this software.  The required code to download the software can be found on DCCC’s Intranet.

File Management
Uploading one file
Uploading multiple files
Inserting an image
Changing Office documents and presentations into PDF’s

User Management
Enroll Test Student
Inactive Student (How to handle dropped students in MoodleRooms)

Communication Tools (Learn about the different ways to communicate within MoodleRooms.)

Groups and Groupings
Groups and Groupings (Learn the basics about managing groups.)
Groups within a Forum

Respondus Lockdown Browser
Enable a Test for Lockdown Browser
Lockdown Browser is a special browser used to provide a secure online testing environment.  When enabled, students will be required to go through the browser for testing.  It disables navigation, locks your environment so that users cannot open other applications, and disables copying, printing, or using print screen.
*Note, until we are able to upgrade our version on campus (Summer ’11), Moodle users will have to change their Moodle messaging settings so that their messages do not pop up upon logging into Moodle.

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